Saturday, September 16, 2017

Block Lottery - Improv Log Cabin

This block uses whites and creams for one portion of the log cabin and warm colors for the other side. Bring this block to our November meeting.

Start with a square of either a warm color or a cream/white.

Continue adding fabric, working in a circular motion, adding two cream/white fabrics and two warm fabrics as shown below to create a log cabin. Use varying widths and an array of colors to create this block.

Once pieced, trim your block to 10.5" square. The layout possibilities for this quilt are endless and the lucky winner will have a ton of options.

Quick Overview:
November - Wonky/Improv Log Cabin
Colors: Creams/Whites for one side and warms for the other
Size Requirements: 10.5" block
Notes: Start with either a cream or a warm square and build out your log cabin using random width strips with creams on one size of the diagonal and warms on the other side.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Block Lottery - Washi Tape Block

We're starting to get a bit more complicated as we get to our September block. This one is inspired by Washi tape. The colors for this include a white background and a random rainbow of accent colors.

Start by cutting a 12.5" square and a number of strips 1.5" wide by about 12.5" long.
Cut between 5-7 or so small strips of colorful fabric 1.5" wide by between 2.5" - 5" long. Sew them to the top of the white strips you cut. Once sewn, randomly cut the white and sew the cut piece to the top of the color to create strips.

Randomly lay out your strips over your square until you like the layout. Start with pieces that appear to be in the back. In this block, I started with the red, moved to the brown, then the green, purple and navy.

Continue slicing and inserting your strips into your block.

Once your block has been pieced, trim your block to 12.5" square. This will create a fun, colorful quilt that could be arranged in a grid or the blocks could be cut up even further to create a real random effect. A continuous circle could be a fun way to quilt this one.

Quick Overview:
September - Washi Tape Improv Block 
Colors: White/cream background and a rainbow of colors for the washi tape
Size Requirements: 12.5" block
Notes: It's recommended that your washi tape strips are no more than 2" wide before sewing and no longer than 5" before sewing to give the quilt a true washi tape feel. If strips are too wide or too long, they will stand out too much.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Karin Jordan Trunk Show - June's Meeting

We're so excited to have Karin Jordan join us for a trunk show this June. For those that aren't familiar with Karin, she's know for her beautiful quilts, hand quilting and applique and textile designs. Definitely take time to check out her website when you have a chance. You've probably seen her work in some of your favorite quilt magazines or at QuiltCon.

Hills and Crosses is one of my favorite quilts of Karin's. I love the colors she used and I hope she brings a few of her prints of the same pattern. Isn't this just beautiful?

And have you been following Karin on Instagram (@KarinJordanStudio)? If not, hop on over and check out all of her 100 days projects. Karin has committed to create for 100 days straight. How cool is that? And a lot of what she has created is just amazing.

I'm so excited and hope you will join us as well.

The trunk show is free to members and just $5 to non-members (cash only). It will be in our regular meeting place at Fabric Place Basement on June 17th from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Block Lottery - Random Stripes

This block is for the person that loves a good black and white and gray block. Because we're approaching the busy summer season, this block is super simple. It's simply a bunch of strips between 1" and 3" sewn together. It's not wonky... all of the pieces are straight.

I recommend cutting a number of gray, white and black strips around 10.5" long by 1-3" wide. Once you have a bunch of strips sewn, trim your block to 10" x 10". It's that simple! This is the perfect block to use as a leader and enter project.

The winner of this lottery will have a ton of options. They could sew all of the blocks together and randomly insert some color here or there. Or they could applique something to it for a fun look. And this quilt screams for some straight line quilting.

Quick Overview:
July - Random Stripes
Colors: Black, Whites and Grays
Size Requirements: 10" x 10"
Notes: For this block, make strips of fabric that are between 1" and 3" wide and sew them together in any random order.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boston Modern Quilt Guild 5th Annual Show!


Our 5th Annual Quilt Show opens April 8th in the backroom of the Fabric Place Basement, 321 Speen Street, Natick, MA. The opening reception will be from 1-4 on April 8th. The show will run through May 7th and is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC every weekend, weekdays by request either through a guild member or by asking at the Fabric Place Basement.

More than 50 beautiful quilts grace this year's show! DON'T MISS IT!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BMQG Quilt Submissions Sought!

Our 5th Annual Quilt Show opens in just over two weeks on 8 April. This is not a juried show, but you must be a member of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild to submit a quilt for the show (you can join here). We are actively planning the show layout now and urge you to submit your quilt AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - even if it is not quite finished!
    • A great tutorial for adding a hanging sleeve to your quilt written by Jacquie Gehring can be found at this link. All quilts, including the minis for our guild challenge, require a 4" sleeve. The mini sleeves can be pinned on if you do not have the time to sew them. Larger quilts must have the sleeve sewn on. 
    • If your quilt does not already have a permanent label, please attach one to a back lower corner. The label can be a temporary label but must be firmly attached. Include at least your name and phone number on the label.
    • Be sure that your quilt is ready for show by making sure threads are trimmed, lint removed, etc.
  • Quilts can be dropped off to one of four locations (Natick, Northboro, Lowell or Waltham). Contact Karen for specifics on these locations. WE MUST HAVE YOUR QUILTS IN HAND ON OR BEFORE 2 APRIL!!
  • The guild staffs the show on weekends. Because we will also be holding a raffle this year, we require at least two persons per shift. One volunteer will sell tickets in the lobby and the other will remain with the quilts in the show. You can sign up for your shift here

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Block Lottery - Improv HSTs

For our May meeting, we're making some improv Half Square Triangles (HST's) into a block with nine sewn together. We'll use a variety of white/cream squares for the background and earth tones for the HST's.

Start by cutting nine 3.5" squares in a variety of whites/creams.

Cut a variety of strips about 3"x5" for your HST's. Lay them at an angle of your block. All of the HST's will be placed on the bottom right portion of the block, so plan accordingly. You want the piece of fabric covering what will be the cream/white part of the block. Where the HST will eventually lay is what will be a visible cream/white triangle.

Sew your pieces with a 1/4" seam allowance, iron open and trim your block.

Trim your block to 3.5" square, using the cream/white background as a reference. You can remove the cream/white from behind the earth tone fabric to reduce bulk now.

 Sew the blocks together into a 3x3 grid with the HST in the bottom right corner. Your block will finish at 9.5" square.

Quick Overview:
May - Wonky Half Square Triangles
Colors: White and cream background with earth tones for the HST
Size Requirements: 9.5" block
Notes: Make your HST's 3.5" before sewing them together and assemble them into a 3x3" grid with all of the white/cream in the upper left corner of the sewn block and the earth tone colors on the bottom right. To make your HST's, cut 3.5" squares of your white/cream background fabric and use scraps of your colors to sew your HST's, using the white/cream fabric as your trimming guide